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Asphalt and Concrete cutting machine – Bisonte

 Caracteristici principale:

  • Professional equipment, extremely robust and a powerful
  • Haz interchangeable spare parts
  • The machine is designed and manufactured to meed the most strict standards of quality and safety
  • Adjustable and detachable handle
  • Standard equipment with gasoline Subaru motorization or optional diesel Subaru / Lombardini
  • Equipment commes with standard disk

Optional equipment:

  • Diesel engine (Subaru / Lombardini)
  • Long life disk

Asphalt and Concrete cutting machine – Bisonte


Engine type / Alimentation

Max. disc diameter

Max. cutting depth

Engine power

Whater tank

Technical sheet

MTA 400 – S

Subaru – Gasoline

400 mm

150 mm

9.45 kW

25 L

Pdf Img

MTA 500 – S

500 mm

200 mm

18.9 kW

35 L

Pdf Img


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