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Concrete Processing

  • Concrete Vibrators – Bisonte

    Bisonte produces concrete immersion vibrators, electrical or thermal powered, and also Subaru vibrator rulers, gasoline powered. Along with the drive-vibration unit, Italy Star offers a full range of accessories, such as vibrator heads and vibrator rulers.

  • Floor polisher Bisonte

    The helicopters produced by Bisonte, part of the IMER GROUP, are made for sanding / finishing of concrete and / or mortar floors, equipped with Subaru gasoline engine. Robust and reliable equipment, but in the same time easy to use and maintain, they are made for builders or general contractors specializing in flooring.

  • Milling / Scarificator Machine – Bisonte

    Bisonte company, a division of Italian Immer Group produces milling concrete or mortar screed machines provided with Subaru heat or electric engines, both extremely robust, specially designed for builders specialized in flooring, and for general contractors.

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