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Tamping Rammer and Compacting Plates for Rent or Sale

  • Tamping Rammer – Bisonte

    Equipment designed for intensive use , with maximum safety and quality conditions, the Bisonte rammers weighing about 72 kg to 80 kg, are equipped with Subaru engines EH12-2 ( the model most used in the world for rammers motorization) Subaru ER12 (the newer variant specially designed for Bisonte rammers motorization) , specially created for professionals.

  • Unidirectional compacting plate – Bisonte

    Unidirectional compacting plates Bisonte are compact and reliable machines designed for professional users, offering an optimal quality/price balance, being equipped with the latest technology Subaru engines .

  • Reversible Compacting Plate – Bisonte

    Reversible compacting plates are weighing from 162 to 525 kg. These compacting plates are equipped with Subaru, Honda or Lombardini engines, using gasoline or diesel. The maximum area that can be compacted can be from 570 to 900 square meters per hour.

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