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Tamping Rammer – Bisonte

Main Features:

  • Equipment designed for intensive professional use
  • Rigid chassis, painted electrostatic vibrations pads
  • 4 stroke engine, air cooled, gasoline fueld
  • Outstanding reliability in heavy-duty operation
  • Latest technology OHC Subaru motorization
  • Interchangeable spare parts, reduces maintenance costs
  • Standard air filter and fuel filter or double air filter
  • We provide maintenance, consulting and training for the personnel
  • The machines are designed and manufactured to meed the most strictly standards of quality and safety.

Optional equipments:

  • Engine maintenance kit
  • Wheels kit for transportation

Tamping Rammer Bisonte

Model Motor type / alimentation Equipment

weightImpact forcePlate dimensionMaximum strokes / minuteTechnical sheetMC 80 – HHonda – gasoline78 kg10.0 kN345 x 285 mm650Pdf ImgMC 75 – SSubaru – gasoline75 kg13.7 kN680Pdf ImgMC 72 – S70 kg14.0 kN330 x 285 mmPdf ImgCompacting depths sheet for Bisonte equipmentsPdf Img



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